【Machinery / Assembly / Inspection 】【 Obu,Aichi】【 ¥1200/h】【Level:N3】Picking, inspection and easy transporting work in the warehouse!

Company / Store Auru Kabushikigaisha
  • Manufacturing of forklifts

    Hourly ¥ 1,200 8:00 to 16:45 60 minutes of break (8 hours of work) Hourly wage will be ¥1200 to ¥1500. Transportation cost: Partially paid An additional 25% to the hourly wage from 22:00 to 5:00. ★ Besides lunch break, there is a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon → The two 15 minutes breaks are covered by the company. ★We started the ""Perfect Attendance Point Card System"" will be given a gift card with a maximum of ¥70,000 to those who qualify♪ (The details will be discussed during the interview)
  • Recruitment conditions

    ◎ We accept people without experience and those who do not have any certificates.
    ◎ Housewives and stay at home dads are welcome.
    ◎ Those who have experience working in factories are welcome.
    ◎ Must be 18 years and older in order to be able to work from 10PM to 5AM.
    ◎ Work on weekdays only ※However, we do not accept those who wish to work only 1 to 2 days a week.
    ◎ Foreign nationals are welcome.


    Must be able to have a basic conversation in Japanese. Reading and writing basic Japanese is required.

    Work Type

    Contract employee Full-time Temporary worker

    Work days

    Five days a week Saturdays off Sundays off

  • Work Place

    Obu Aichi Prefecture GoogleMap Approx. 10 minutes by foot from Tōkaidō Line Ōbu Station or Taketoyo Line Ōbu Station.

  • Description

    Picking and easy transportation work. There is no heavy lifting involved and the workplace is predominated by women.★
    There are other positions available such as; manufacturing of forklift, assembly, inspection and others. Training is provided.

    Job Category

    Light work Logistics / Delivery


    This company has English speaking employees.


    Accommodation / Company Housing Available Commute Expenses Allowance Health Insurance Laborers' Insurance Paid Vacation Uniform Provided Welfare Pension

  • Contact Number

  • Name of the hiring manager

    Mr.Kaneshima or Mr. Nishikawa
  • About the application

    ※ The interview will be scheduled by the recruiter after reviewing the application.
Apply 【Machinery / Assembly / Inspection 】【 Obu,Aichi】【 ¥1200/h】【Level:N3】Picking, inspection and easy transporting work in the warehouse! Auru Kabushikigaisha