【Manufacturing 】【Gifu-ken Gifu-shi】【¥1000~1250/h】【JLPT:N1】Easy and light work!

Company / Store Youth.GF Co.,Ltd.
  • Set the sheets in the machine.

    Hourly ¥ 1,000 8:30~17:30
  • Recruitment conditions


    Must be able to have a basic conversation in Japanese.

    Work Type

    Temporary worker

    Work days

    Five days a week Sundays off

  • Work Place

    Kamikawate, Gifu GoogleMap Near Chajo Station

  • Description

    Easy and light work ♪The work consists of placing the product carts to the designated area. ☆Weekly pay is available (Conditions apply)

    Job Category

    Factory / Manufacture


    Accommodation / Company Housing Available Commute Expenses Allowance Health Insurance Laborers' Insurance Paid Vacation Training Provided Unemployment Insurance Welfare Pension

  • Contact Number

  • Name of the hiring manager

Apply 【Manufacturing 】【Gifu-ken Gifu-shi】【¥1000~1250/h】【JLPT:N1】Easy and light work! Youth.GF Co.,Ltd.