【Inspection/Packing】【Tochigi Sano】【¥1,000~/h】【Basic Japanese level】Toothbrush inspection and packing

Company / Store Takako,Inc.
  • Inspection/Packing (Easy work)

    Hourly ¥ 1,000 8:30-17:30(60 minutes break) Monthly Salary ex: ¥168,000(21 days of regular working days, off on national holidays and no overtime)
  • Recruitment conditions

    Ability to write Hiragana


    Reading and writing basic Japanese is required.

    Work Type

    Temporary worker

    Work days

    Saturdays off Sundays off

  • Work Place

    Sano-shi, Tochigi-ken GoogleMap Interview location:Tochigi-ken Oyama-shi Joto 4-19-31 Located 3km from JR Ryomo / Tobu Sano Line Sano Station, Pick-up is available depending on location. The interview can be held at a place of your preference.

  • Description

    Toothbrush inspection and packing work. High number of female workers.
    A clean workplace equipped with air conditioning. Moreover, employees are free to choose to take overtime or not.

    Job Category

    Factory / Manufacture


    This company has English speaking employees.


    Accommodation / Company Housing Available Commute Expenses Allowance Health Insurance Laborers' Insurance Paid Vacation Unemployment Insurance Visa Support Welfare Pension

  • Contact Number

  • Name of the hiring manager

    Mr. Matsunaga
Apply 【Inspection/Packing】【Tochigi Sano】【¥1,000~/h】【Basic Japanese level】Toothbrush inspection and packing Takako,Inc.