【Factory lightweight work】【Kanagawa Kawasaki】【¥1,300~/h】【Japanese level: Basic level】Major food factory is hiring for lightweight work!

Kanagawa Kawasaki(Kanagawa) Contract employee
Lightweight work sta...
Hourly ¥ 1,300
Must be able to communicate in basic Japanese, read and write simple Japanese.

【Automobiles / Picking and Packing】【Oguchi Niwa District, Aichi 】【¥1200~1500/h】【JLPT Level: N3 】Picking, packing and storage of lightweight auto parts! People without experience are welcome!

Aichi Niwa-gun(Aichi) Temporary worker
Picking staff
Hourly ¥ 1,150
◎Foreign nationals are welcome!
◎We accept exchange students (Must have a work permit)
◎Must be able to communicate in basic Japanese.