【Traffic Guidance Assistants】【Shizuoka-ken Shizuoka-shi】【¥9,000~/d】 【Japanese level: Intermediate】We are hiring traffic guidance assistants!

Shizuoka Shizuoka Contract employee Part-time
Traffic guidance ass...
Daily ¥ 9,000
18 years and older

【We are hiring people who enjoy speaking Japanese and would like to use their language skills at work.】【¥200,000~/m】【JLPT: N1to N2】

Chiyoda Ora District(Gunma) Fujioka(Gunma) Fukaya(Saitama) Gunma Gyoda (Saitama) Hanyu(Saitama) Higashi Matsuyama(Saitama) Honjo(Saitama) Isesaki(Gunma) Kiryu(Gunma) Kodamagun(Saitama) Kumagaya(Saitama) Maebashi(Gunma) Midori(Gunma) Ota(Gunma) Oura(Gunma) Saitama Takasaki(Gunma) Tamamura Tatebayashi(Gunma) Tomioka(Gunma) Contract employee Full-time
Various positions
Monthly ¥ 200,000
People who has a certification are preferred. Please do not hesitate to consult us!