【Food and beverages】【Tochigi Utsunomiya】【¥950/h~¥1050/h】【JLPT:N3/Japanese Level:30%】Join us to work at the famous Katsusato Restaurant!

Haga(Tochigi) Kaminokawa(Tochigi) Mooka(Tochigi) Shimotsuke(Tochigi) Tochigi Utsunomiya(Tochigi) Full-time Part-time
Hall staff / Permane...
Hourly ¥ 950

【Food Processing 】【Gunma Maebashi】【¥850~1,000/h】【Japanese level: Beginner】Food factory is hiring! Please consult us for the days and hours that you wish to work!

Gunma Maebashi(Gunma) Contract employee Full-time Part-time
Natto and tofu produ...
Hourly ¥ 850
18 years and older.
Must keep a good hygiene due to the work content. Therefore, earrings and any type of accessories are not allowed in the workplace.
Men are not allowed to have beard.
Tattoos are not allowed.
It is strictly prohibited to smoke within the company facility and surrounding areas.

【If you are a Permanent Resident Visa / Long-term Visa holder who is a certified caregiver, we can help you find employment!】【¥200,000~/m】【JLPT: N1 or N2】

Chiyoda Ora District(Gunma) Fujioka(Gunma) Fukaya(Saitama) Gunma Gyoda (Saitama) Hanyu(Saitama) Higashi Matsuyama(Saitama) Honjo(Saitama) Isesaki(Gunma) Kiryu(Gunma) Kodamagun(Saitama) Kumagaya(Saitama) Maebashi(Gunma) Midori(Gunma) Ota(Gunma) Oura(Gunma) Saitama Takasaki(Gunma) Tamamura Tatebayashi(Gunma) Tomioka(Gunma) Contract employee Full-time
Monthly ¥ 200,000
Certified caregivers are preferred. Please feel free to inquire!