【 Manufacturing worker】【Ibaraki,Tsukuba】【¥1,200h ~】【Japanese level: Basic level】We are hiring for waterproof coat painting of residential exterior walls. (Contract)

Ibaraki Tsukuba Temporary worker
Factory worker
Hourly ¥ 1,200
・Must have good physical strength.
・Please consult us if you have back pain problems or medical conditions. (You may be disqualified depending on your health condition)
・18 years and older.

【Household appliances / Processing】【 We are hiring in Ota city, Gunma Prefecture】【 ¥1150/h】【Japanese level: N3~N5】We are hiring for assembly and welding of air conditioner outdoor units! We provide accommodations! Speaking Japanese is not a requirement but it is a plus if you can!

Gunma Ota(Gunma) Temporary worker
Assembly and process...
Hourly ¥ 1,150
◎The age limit is up to 35 years old.
◎Foreign nationals are welcome!
◎Reading, writing and speaking in Japanese is not a requirement.

【Production, inspection and packing of cosmetics】【Shizuoka Kakegawa】【¥1,050/h~】【Japanese level:50%】People wanted for production of cosmetics. Light work! Day shift only and you can work 3 days or more a week! ★ There are many moms working with us ★

Hamamatsu(Shizuoka) Iwata(Sizuoka) Kakegawa(Shizuoka) Kosai(Shizuoka) Shizuoka Temporary worker
Production of cosmet...
Hourly ¥ 1,050
People without experience and stay-at-home moms and dads are welcome.