【 Manufacturing worker】【Ibaraki,Tsukuba】【¥1,200h ~】【Japanese level: Basic level】We are hiring for waterproof coat painting of residential exterior walls. (Contract)

Ibaraki Tsukuba Temporary worker
Factory worker
Hourly ¥ 1,200
・Must have good physical strength.
・Please consult us if you have back pain problems or medical conditions. (You may be disqualified depending on your health condition)
・18 years and older.

【Sorting, inspection and food assembly】【Kanagawa Sagamihara-Miyashimo】【¥1,050/h~¥1,313/h】【Japanese Level:30%】People wanted for an easy and light work! Immediate start! You can select the night shift or day shift! You don’t need to provide a resume.

Hachioji(Tokyo) Kanagawa Machida(Tokyo) Sagamihara(Kanagawa) Tokyo Contract employee
Sorting and Inspecti...
Hourly ¥ 1,050
We accept males and females workers! Age limit is from teens up to their 60's. People with and without experience are welcome. You can work only 1, 3 or 5 days per week.

We are looking for outgoing and cheerful staff to work at UNIQLO store at SMARK Mall in Isesaki!! Must be able to speak Japanese!

Gunma Isesaki(Gunma) Contract employee Part-time
Sales person
Hourly ¥ 1,000
18 years and older